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March 6, 2013

Lenovo President Hints At Windows Phone Device In Works

(GSM Insider) - Lenovo President Hints At Windows Phone Device.

It isn't easy to keep secret especially the company is working on some particular new devices. This is because the high level executives will have the priority to take those "Prototypes" before anyone else. But those high level executives usually forgot that they are using the prototypes and revealed the secret accidentally. 

Earlier, One of the Lenovo high executives were spotted that posted on Weibo using the Windows Phone device. So what is the Windows Phone? Current Windows Phone? The answer is no, not the current Windows Phones in the market.

This is because if he uses a current Windows Phone device to post on his Weibo then the Weibo will recognize the phone model. If you posted with Nokia Lumia 920 then it will show the Weibo posted by Nokia Lumia 920 and not "Windows Phone device".

This indicates that the possibilities that Lenovo is working on Windows Phone are high. But when the Lenovo Windows Phone is coming soon? Don't know yet. 

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