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February 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tops UK Best Selling Chart For January, iPhone 5 At Seventh Position

(GSM Insider) - Samsung Galaxy S3 Tops UK Best Selling List For January, iPhone 5 At Seventh Position.

Previous reports showed that the iPhone 5 trailed behind Android devices around the world except in the United States, Apple's home country. The same goes to iPhone 5 in the UK.

In the latest statistics from uSwitch that reported by Mobile News, Android devices dominate the top 3 three positions on the UK's Best Selling Chart for January 2013. 

Nothing surprises for the top position as Samsung Galaxy S3 was the best selling in January. Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy S2 completed the top 3 positions. 

Nokia 100 and Nokia C2-01 took the fourth and fifth position followed by LG Nexus 4 in sixth position. The latest iPhone 5 only took seventh position. Yes, iPhone 5 only at the seventh position. This showed that the popularity of the iPhone was on the declining. 

It was embarrassing for Apple as the iPhone 5 not even on par with both Nokia 100 and Nokia C2-01. These two devices are running on Symbian which was killed off by Nokia recently

This is probably the warning for Apple and Tim Cook. Not only Samsung and Android devices triumphed over the iPhone in the UK but also in many other countries. 

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