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February 4, 2013

Adobe Reader Touch Launches At Windows Store, Brings Touchscreen Features To The Popular PDF File Reader

(GSM Insider) - Adobe Reader Touch Brings Touchscreen Features To The Popular PDF File Reader.

Adobe released the Adobe Reader to Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows RT last year. This popular PDF file reader soon became one of the most popular apps at the Windows Store. It was ranked at no. 5 for the free apps category in Windows Store. 

Earlier, Adobe launched the whole new Adobe Reader at the Windows Store. It is known as the Adobe Reader Touch. 

The new Adobe Reader Touch is truly a PDF file reader for touchscreen devices. It is compatible with the touchscreen features of the Windows 8 and Windows RT. This is definitely for those who read a lot of PDF files at their Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet. 

At the CES 2013 earlier this year, Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets from different manufacturers made their appearance. Those tablets will soon arrive at the market and the latest Adobe Reader Touch works perfect for those new Windows tablet. 

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